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Úvod Development and buildings Hotels, Shopping malls and Entertainment centers Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse in South Korea by Mecanoo

Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse in South Korea by Mecanoo

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4 m 40 s / 13. 11. 2017 / Author: Mecanoo
Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse in South Korea by Mecanoo

The design of the Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse is rooted in the beautiful mountainous surrounds of the site. Resting gently atop a rugged mountain ridge, the luxurious clubhouse is designed to carefully fit the delicate site.

The elongated white building stands out as a floating belvedere. Sandwiched between two horizontal planes of white travertine, the building’s extensive glass and timber-framed facade grants visitors magnificent views of the golf course and surrounding nature. A composition of indoor and outdoor courtyards creates diverse spaces and sculpture gardens, each with its own identity. Contrasting elements – light and dark, soft and hard, smooth and rough, natural and crafted – trigger the senses. The clubhouse resembles a museum where members and visitors are invited to celebrate culture as well as nature. The simple forms and white floors and ceilings ensure balance throughout the building. Dotted along the route of the 27-hole golf course are 3 teahouses that offer scenic stops for players to rest. The teahouses are designed as sculptural objects and serve as visual icons in the landscape.



Size: 7,500 m²
Status: Completed 
Project Design: 2007–2009 
Project Realisation: 2010–2012 
Address: Sudong-ri 133, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
Client: Dong Lim Development Co. LTD., Seoul

Programme: Golf clubhouse with 27 holes golf course, restaurants, luxury apartment, pro shop, service areas, wine cellar, banquet rooms, bathing areas and multiple lobby areas.

Awards: Korea Color Design Award, Grand Prix 2013

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