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Trigema Group

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4 m 31 s / 14. 6. 2018 / Author: Trigema
Trigema Group

Trigema company has been active in the Czech market since 1994. Their areas of interest include development, construction, and real estate market. Unlike other companies, however, they extended their activities to the field of science and research, as well as travelling. The owner of the company is Marcel Soural, one of the three original founders. Recently, Trigema has started to work closely with the artist David Černý, with whom they founded an architectural studio Black n'Arch last year.

Trigema's story began to be written in the first half of the 1990s. There were three founders in the beginning, eager to start doing business together. Up to now, only one remained, Marcel Soural. As he says, he is mainly trying to ensure that the work he provides for his staff is not boring and dull. This is perhaps the reason why Trigema is a company with a very low employees fluctuation rate.

Working, enjoying and living

The company, which originally focused on the construction industry, has since 1994 gradually become a concern, dealing also with development, property management, projecting and operation of science and technology complexes, tourism, and development of new stat-ups. They started with a fence repair contract, and gradually became a major development market player, but also a vocal critic of the system and rampant bureaucracy. The Trigema group now includes, for example, Monínec Resort, or the science and technology parks, which are located near the capital city, in Roztoky.

About one and a half years ago, Soural's company completed a residential complex Smart near Nové Butovice metro station for almost a billion crowns, which also includes a new pedestrian zone, the multi-genre Czech Photo Centre, focusing on modern photography, and a statue of David Černý, Trifot. The head of the artistic centre, as well as of the prestigious competition and the associated Czech Press Photo exhibitions, is Soural's wife Veronika.

In addition, the company has been supporting the Paraple Centre for a long time, for which Trigema has reconstructed and completed its seat in Malešice. Soural is, among other things, a member of the Paraple Centre's Management Board, and each year the employees participate in the Paraple Run, the Charity Academy, and other events, where they support this non-profit organization.

From Trifot to the joint studio

Trifot, a monumental twelve-metre high statue made of stainless steel with various surface finishes, is a dominant element of the public space in Butovice, Prague. It depicts a revived walking creature with its head made from several cameras (of real brands and types) and its legs made from tripods. The set of cameras represents a development of the field of photography in the recent decades. At the same time, it is also an embodiment of the fact that in the present world, you can take a photo or video record of almost everybody, and almost everywhere on the planet. Trifot, which is based on the book The Day of the Triffids of the British writer John Wyndham, watches the surroundings with its lenses and displays the selected passers-by on six large screens.

As the mutual cooperation has proven successful, Soural and Černý decided to set up their own studio called Black n'Arch. Their next projects will include the Invalidovna apartment building, transformation of the Zlíchov distillery, or the CyberDog science and technology educational robotic centre, which will include a wine bar with a robotic hand instead of a real waiter.

Marcel Soural (*1965, Prague)

He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He obtained his first professional experience in Germany, where he worked, for example, for Hebel company. He is the founder, the sole shareholder and also the chairman of Trigema PLC, with its yearly turnover regularly exceeding one billion crowns over the last few years. He is a member of the Management Board of the Association for the Development of the Real Estate Market, and a member of the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians engaged in construction. He is married and has two children.


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