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Úvod History and personalities History H.A.T. – 28. Invalidovna Housing Estate and Hotel Expo

H.A.T. – 28. Invalidovna Housing Estate and Hotel Expo

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3 m 49 s / 9. 7. 2018 / Author: Zdeněk Lukeš, TV Architect
H.A.T. – 28. Invalidovna Housing Estate and Hotel Expo

The Invalidovna housing estate was designed in the late 1950s and began to be built in the 1960s. The architect Polák saved several big old trees here. In this housing estate, it was the first time that the T08B construction system was used. In the mid-1960s, the first Prague supermarket was built here. The Olympik hotel house is a dominant feature of this housing estate, with its vestibule designed in the so-called Brussels style. The railings, staircases and other elements have been preserved from the original equipment.

One of the best designed Prague housing estates was built according to the urban concept of Jiří Novotný, Stanislav Horáček and František Šmolík, and it was exceptional for the time of its construction, due to its above-standard equipment with a shopping centre, kindergarten, children's playgrounds, sporting facilities, etc. The authors also managed to integrate the full-grown greenery. Both the panel board-like and square floor-plan houses have retained a pleasant scale. This quite a small area is dominated by a hotel house with aluminium cladding in the post-Brussels style (Molákova 34 | 577/X), and later also by the high-rise Olympik Hotel (Sokolovská 138 | 615), to which the low Garni Hotel was connected in the next stage. A mazut boiler house with rope roof structure (U Sluncové 8 | 613; Jan Zelený), demolished in 2018, was another remarkable building. The first supermarket in Prague was included in the complex. The artworks located throughout the entire housing estate were created by Miloš Zet, Děvana Mírová, etc.

Experimental Housing Estate Invalidovna with Hotel House and Olympik Hotel
Josef Polák – Vojtěch Šalda – Jan Zelený – Milan Rejchl
Prague 8 - Karlín, at Sokolovská Street

Zdeněk Lukeš - Pavel Hroch: Praha moderní IV, Paseka, Prague 2015


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