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Úvod News and updates Filippo Gilardi bringing sci-fi feel with 3D-printed bridge

Filippo Gilardi bringing sci-fi feel with 3D-printed bridge

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2 m 32 s / 10. 11. 2017 / Author: TV Architect
Filippo Gilardi bringing sci-fi feel with 3D-printed bridge

TV Architect caught up with Filippo Gilardi during the Symposium of Experimental Architecture, organized by the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague in late October, to talk about the use of 3D printing in architecture. His company, MX3D, is in the process of finishing the 3D print of a pedestrian bridge that is scheduled to be installed in a park in Amsterdam early next year.

Gilardi, who graduated with an industrial design degree from Politecnico di Milano, is a visionary whose predictions seem to be a close shave from science fiction. He believes in artificial intelligence and says that robots will help design our future. “MX3D robots will build lightweight constructions like bridges or complete buildings, optimized custom ships or even Mars colonies in full autonomy,” Gilardi told us.

Venturing into the 3D print realm, Gilardi’s company started off by designing and producing chairs and other furniture pieces before moving gradually to larger objects. His team went through hours, days and weeks of testing various materials and machines. The studio was responsible for printing the rounded steel structure of the Perez Art Museum Miami’s (PAMM) waterfront Cucuyo bar, which opened in late September. The bar was designed by BBA Architects.   

MX3D is printing the Amsterdam bridge using a robotic arm that can weld layer upon layer of stainless steel. The sculptured design is scheduled to be installed across a canal in the city’s Red Light district early next year but must first be thoroughly tested prior to opening for pedestrians. To that end, MX3D is producing a twin, which will be used for testing.



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