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About us

TV Architect is a modern digital platform for communication across the world of architecture, development and construction. It offers information, inspiration, interconnection, or just relaxation and experience of beautiful and remarkable buildings in the Czech Republic and around the world.

Our project is a unique combination of an online TV channel full of interviews with leading world-famous and local architects, and videos of the most interesting, beautiful, as well as controversial projects. In addition to video presentations, TV Architect is providing the latest online news coverage in this field. While keeping you updated on the latest innovations and emerging projects, we also bring a deeper insight into the trends that affect cities and their planning, and let you be fascinated by the beauty of contemporary and historical architectural designs. We also include information on progressive technologies and materials used in project implementation. Last but not least, we want to interconnect investors, architects, developers and engineers, and offer them space for presenting their companies, leaders, projects and successful innovative solutions.

The TV Architect team is made up of top filmmakers, marketing professionals and editors from prestigious magazines about architecture and development, who have joined to create a unique, modern communication platform that has not yet been available on the market. We are a new architecture-focused medium, which symbolically originated in Prague, known throughout the world as an architectural jewel in the heart of Europe.

The language of architecture is so characteristic that we can consider it an important unifying element among the countries and cultures across the planet. Our television is already co- operating with public and professional institutions, with private sphere, and with architects from all around the world. Our team participates in the largest architecture festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Almost two decades of working with people in the field has given us the opportunity to become an important link between subjects entering the individual phases of an architectural process.

Roman Drnovec


Chcete vědět, co se staví ve Vaší lokalitě a proč? TV Architect Vám přináší zpravodajství o plánování staveb a architektuře v ČR. Jsme kombinace online televizního kanálu, kterým proudí rozhovory s předními světovými i tuzemskými architekty a videa o nejzajímavějších projektech.
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