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About us

TV Architect is a modern digital television, providing news from the world of architecture, construction and development at one place. Through videos and articles, you can get information, amuse yourself or relax.

Our project offers a unique combination of online TV and current news coverage in the field. Video interviews with leading Czech architects and their colleagues from abroad, video reports about the most interesting, the most beautiful, or also the most controversial projects, as well as programs about architectural travelling, introducing the personalities, and more. Travel with us, raise your head and look around. Architecture can be found all around us. You can find all this and much more on TV Architect and in our own production.

In addition to information about news and emerging projects in articles and in quick news reports, we also bring a deeper insight into trends influencing the cities and their planning. Along with this, let yourself be fascinated by the beauty of contemporary and historic architectural elements. We also cover information about progressive technologies and materials that are used in project implementation, save energy during their operating, or make the environment more enjoyable.

About us

My name is Sylvia and I'm a business director. As a TV Architect team manager, I provide our television with interesting contacts. I contribute to program structuring, and I'm trying to find what you're looking for.

My name is Tomáš and I'm a web manager. If anything gets wrong with it, or if things break down, it's up to me to fix them. Or if someone's printer stops working. Or data in our phones. Simply, I'm "the computer boy". I like visual arts, technology news, cars and video games. And sometimes I only eat ice cream for breakfast, just because I can.

Wish you a nice day, my name is Alice, and my job is to provide you with records of interesting projects in cooperation with the entire TV Architect team. I also manage the administration, which is an essential part of ensuring the operation of every company.

Hello, I'm also Tomáš and I'm handling the texts on our web. My work also involves hosting the videos and making interviews with interesting personalities from the world of architecture, construction and development. I like having people around me, and I enjoy learning about foreign cultures.

My name is Pavla and I'm in touch with you every day by bringing you news from TV Architect to your favorite web portals. I provide you with the best of foreign architecture. I love tennis, good people and architectural travelling.

My name is Roman. As a production manager, I'm in charge of technical aspects of making videos and dealing with production of audiovisual material. My hobbies include traveling and family.

Our television cooperates with public and professional institutions, with private sphere and architects from all around the world. Our team takes part in the biggest architectural festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad, and brings you information by everyday news reporting. We support the popularization of architecture for the general public.

The language of architecture is so typical that we can regard it as a unifying element between countries and cultures across the planet. We are connecting the world of architecture.

TV Architect


Chcete vědět, co se staví ve Vaší lokalitě a proč? TV Architect Vám přináší zpravodajství o plánování staveb a architektuře v ČR. Jsme kombinace online televizního kanálu, kterým proudí rozhovory s předními světovými i tuzemskými architekty a videa o nejzajímavějších projektech.
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