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TV Architect is launching

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37 s / 7. 11. 2017 / Author: TV Architect
TV Architect is launching

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, TV Architect, a new international Internet television channel, launched at TVArchitect.com, bringing together the worlds of architecture, development and construction as well as the general public. The first of its kind on the Czech market, the project combines an online television channel with a traditional news site.

Press release

Prague, November 7, 2017

Sharing information instantaneously online has become commonplace regardless what business sector you’re in. The architecture, construction and development fields are no exception. “On the Czech market, however, there was nothing that combines these three fields in a succinct way until now. We originally founded TV Architect as a place for experts in these fields to learn about interesting news from global markets, find inspiration and exchange ideas. It turned out that the project start overlapping with public interest, and so we decided to include the general public in this dialogue as well,” says Roman Drnovec, Chief Executive Officer of TV Architect, adding that since the company will be cooperating with experts from around the world, online content will be published in both Czech and English, with the possibility of more than 100 other languages being made available in the future via machine translation.

Viewers can enjoy videos (documents, reports and interviews), photographs and articles divided into nine areas: Architecture and urbanism, innovation and technology, public sector, development and construction, revitalization and reconstruction, green architecture, history and personalities, profiles of partners and news and updates. News and updates will focus on current editorial content and daily news updates about what’s going on in these fields here and abroad. “Our aim is that everybody will be able to find what they need. Our target viewers are those who are interested in modern technologies and trends in construction, who are not indifferent to the environment they live in and what buildings surround them, who enjoy finding new places and who are curious, not satisfied with basic information, but eager to know details and stories hiding behind seemingly immobile buildings,” says Nina Fibigerová, Chief Editor of TV Architect.

In addition to the editorial staff, many specialists will be involved in the production of individual programs, such as Ing. arch. Zdeněk Lukeš, a publicist and architecture historian who is preparing his own series titled “Hidden Treasures of Architecture as Seen by Zdeněk Lukeš” for TV Architect, and the director of Villa Tugendhat, Ing. arch. Iveta Černá. One of TV Architect’s first major foreign projects is a media partnership with this year’s World Architecture Festival in Berlin, which will be held in mid-November and attended by leading architecture experts from around the world.

The idea for this project took root about two years ago when Pavel Basl, the Czech investor and owner of the company ProCeram, started brainstorming ways to merge architecture news into one place. “The idea of combining the complex information from the world of architecture on one site originated due to a lack of time. I was preparing my materials and found all the information very scattered. It was complicated work and took a long time, so I thought it would be great if there was something to speed it up and gather everything I need in one place; somewhere to go for expert information as well as for interesting facts. Time will show how we’ve succeeded,” says Pavel Basl, Executive Director of TV Architect.

For more information please contact:

Roman Drnovec
Chief Executive Officer of TV Architect
e-mail: roman.drnovec@tvarchitect.com
e-mail: press@tvarchitect.com
tel.: +420 773 798 519


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