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Úvod Innovation and technology Smart city Smart Square art instaliation in Milan, Italy by Progetto CMR

Smart Square art instaliation in Milan, Italy by Progetto CMR

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33 s / 20. 7. 2018 / Author: Progetto CMR
Smart Square art instaliation in Milan, Italy by Progetto CMR

The art installation by Progetto CMR reinterprets the symbol of Italian cities, the square: a futuristic space, where the human being and technology meet in a highly dynamic dialogue.

The landmark of the square is a light sculpture, made by unique stylized elements designed by Progetto CMR team, which comes to life thanks to people movement. These elements indeed light up when people walk on the special tiles that surround them, an innovative technological flooring solution that react to footsteps, producing light and energy. Furthermore, these tiles produce sound and music, creating an ever-changing melody of the square. 

The benches in the square, designed by Progetto CMR and presented for the first time at Fuorisalone 2018, not only provide a comfortable space to relax and enjoy the surrounding city, but they also offer a totally new way of living the space. People can actually interact with the bench, getting real-time information about the weather and the city events, turning on music and lights, or simply charging their mobile devices.

The smart square is a place where People are the true and only protagonist!

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