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Úvod Revitalization and reconstruction Historical buildings Sugar Mill reconstruction in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Scapelab

Sugar Mill reconstruction in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Scapelab

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1 m 16 s / 5. 9. 2017 / Author: Scapelab
Sugar Mill reconstruction in Ljubljana, Slovenia by Scapelab

The renovation of the Old Sugar Refinery building is one of the key projects that will rejuvenate this area of Ljubljana, which has been decaying for decades. Together with the Fabiani Bridge and the new administrative center, this will form a new city center.

With the renovation, this protected cultural monument will develop into a public center with attractions for all the demographic groups living in the city and the region.
The basic goal of the project proposal is to remove all the interior walls and floor constructions. The analysis showed this is the only financially sustainable solution.
The city can place a wide variety of programs and events within the ambitiously conceived 80 m long and 15 m tall public space. The same space will also serve as a vestibule of the new city and state administrative center.
The exposed roof structure offers a unique experience while walking through the upper floor.

TYPE: Open competition, first prize
CLIENT: City of Ljubljana
SITE AREA: 3.200
ADDRESS/SITE: Ljubljana, Slovenia
PROJECT GROUP: Marko Studen, Miha Dobrin, Ilka Čerpes, Boris Matić, Jure Balentin, Matic Blatnik, Ana Ivšič, Peter Sovinc, Jure Hrovat (ARCHITECTURE), Gravitas (CONSTRUCTION), Genera (HVAC, ELECTRICAL FITTINGS), Enplus (OPTIMIZATION), and Landscape (LANDSCAPING)
STATUS: Conceptual design

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