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Úvod History and personalities History H.A.T. – 1. Shopping Palace Bondy with Černá růže Passage

H.A.T. – 1. Shopping Palace Bondy with Černá růže Passage

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4 m 18 s / 4. 12. 2017 / Author: Zdeněk Lukeš, TV Architect
H.A.T. – 1. Shopping Palace Bondy with Černá růže Passage

The Černá růže (Black Rose) Passage, where Zdeněk Lukeš will take the viewers of the first part of his series about treasures of architecture in Prague, could be characterized as a connection between the old and the new. Walking through this building from the late 1920s, we will, among other things, discover a special technical solution, the Czechoslovak patent, which was exported also abroad, including such destinations as the United States or Japan.

A constructivist building facing Panská Street is part of a large shopping complex, in which also the older palace U Černé růže in Na Příkopě Street (architect J. Frenzl, 1847) was included by the architect Oldrich Tyl. He connected both buildings into a modern, three-storey, L-shaped passage, having a gallery with glass blocks in a steel grid, and an elegant glass-concrete vault.

In 1959-1960, the passage was reconstructed by Josef Čihák in the so-called Brussels style. In the 1990s, all these rearrangements were removed during a sensitive reconstruction (by ADNS Studio) and the original appearance of the passage was restored (only escalators were added).

The former Shopping Palace Bondy, today Černá růže Passage
Oldřich Tyl
Panská 4, Na Příkopě 12 | 894/II


We would like to thank Černá růže Passage for their cooperation during filming. 

Source: LUKEŠ, Zdeněk. Praha modern, 1st part: Velký průvodce po architektuře let 1900–1950/Historické centrum. Paseka 2012


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