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Úvod History and personalities History H.A.T. – 9. Campus of the so-called French Schools

H.A.T. – 9. Campus of the so-called French Schools

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6 m 10 s / 12. 2. 2018 / Author: Zdeněk Lukeš, TV Architect
H.A.T. – 9. Campus of the so-called French Schools

The new part of the Hidden Architectural Treasures series will take viewers to Dejvice quarter in Prague, to a functionalist area of the ​​so-called French schools. We will find ourselves in the 1930s, when Jan Gillar won an architectural competition for a project of an educational campus, where children could learn French from their kindergarten years. As a result, Gillar created a unique complex of interconnected buildings that, with its quality and sophistication of the concept, could boldly compare to the world competition, as it was inspired by the so-called open air schools.

The generous campus, built with the support of the French Language Teaching Association, represents one of the most significant functionalist projects, not only in the context of Prague. A kindergarten, a primary and a high school, with a gym and a theatre hall, were housed in individual buildings connected by corridors. The whole area is surrounded by greenery. The winning project was inspired by the so-called open-air schools in Germany and the Netherlands. The architectural solution also allows for alternative education on the terraces. Gillar designed individual pavilions as white cubes with band windows having blue metal frames. The interiors, including the furniture, make a generous impression as well. Here, the inspiration comes from the German Bauhaus. Originally, a dormitory was planned to be included in the complex, but this part of the project was finally dropped.

Campus of the so-called French Schools
Jan Gillar
Prague 6 - Dejvice, Bílá 1, Božkova 3 | 1784/XIX 


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