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Úvod Development and buildings Residential projects H.A.T. – 17. Pařížská Street, Part II

H.A.T. – 17. Pařížská Street, Part II

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4 m 52 s / 16. 4. 2018 / Author: Zdeněk Lukeš, TV Architect
H.A.T. – 17. Pařížská Street, Part II

Houses only for the chosen ones - this is how we could characterize Pařížská Street in Prague. But was it always like this? In the eighteenth part of the Hidden Architectural Treasures series, Zdeněk Lukeš will have a look around the apartment buildings here. A wide and elegant street connecting the Vltava embankment and the Old Town Square gained its present appearance at the beginning of the 20th century. The architecture here is a mixture of styles, from historicism, through eclecticism, to the newly emerging Art Nouveau. Some local buildings are bizarre and have been criticized already at the time they were created, others are pleasant to the eye even a hundred years after their completion.

Residential House U Synagogy

An example of a somewhat bizarre work by an architect educated in Prague and Paris, who designed corner houses on Strossmayer Square 10 (965/VII) in Holešovice and on Janáček Embankment 5 (85/XVI) in Smíchov cadastre in a similar style. In the composition of the house and its details, we can see an inspiration by historical styles, as well as the Art Nouveau motifs. The building was criticized by Jan Kotěra for its eclecticity.

Residential House U Synagogy
Richarch Klenka, Knight of Vlastimil – František Weyr
Pařížská 17
| 98/V


House U První reduty

The palace house, facing a small piazzeta by the Old Synagogue, has an eclectic facade, combining the elements of historicism and Art Nouveau, as is typical for buildings in Pařížská Street. There are shops in the parterre, and the corners to Pařížská and Břehová Streets are emphasized by towers.

House U První reduty
Bedřich Bendelmayer
Pařížská 19
| 203/V
1905 – 1906


Corner apartment house with shops

The house with a facade in the zoomorphic Art Nouveau style encloses the row of houses and is very much visible when viewed from the mouth of Pařížská Street. The corner oriel is Mašek's most favourite motif. The facade is decorated with stucco and mosaic according to the design of the author, an important painter of the Art Nouveau era.

Corner apartment house with shops
Karel Vítězslav Mašek
Pařížská 28 | 131/V


Apartment house, Maiselova 21

The monumental building dominates a little square by the Old Synagogue. The Late Art Nouveau-style house with its quaint Biedermeier decoration boasts luxurious apartments having spacious sunrooms with large windows. The building was accepted by the expert public more favourably than a bit older eclectic house of the same pair of authors on the nearby corner of Pařížská and Červená Streets, the above mentioned House U Synagogy.

Apartment house, Maiselova 21
Richard Klenka, Knight of Vlastimil – František Weyr
Maiselova 21 | 49/V
1910 – 1911


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