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Úvod Revitalization and reconstruction Historical buildings H.A.T. – 13. Industrial Karlín

H.A.T. – 13. Industrial Karlín

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3 m 44 s / 12. 3. 2018 / Author: Zdeněk Lukeš, TV Architect
H.A.T. – 13. Industrial Karlín

Reconversion and revitalization, this is how we could briefly summarize what has been going on in recent decades within the area of old factory buildings in the Prague city quarter of Karlín. In another part of the Hidden Treasures of Architecture series, Zdeněk Lukeš will continue his interesting walking through the former industrial hinterland of the capital. This time, the viewers will see such buildings as the Machinehouse or the four-aisled factory hall for the production of heavy machinery, where the Economia Publishing House is now based.

The Karlín factories, originally in the premises of the ​​Breitfeld-Daněk company, later ČKD, were composed of a complex of buildings of various ages. The oldest one is the former granary (Cornloft) from the 1960s in Šaldova Street, where the V3S trucks were repaired even in the 1980s. The building has recently been transformed into apartments, offices and shops by the renowned Austrian studio Baumschlager und Eberle. A new apartment building was constructed in the courtyard. On the corner of Šaldova and Pernerova Streets, there are the buildings of the former power plant (Machinehouse) and the heating plant (Kotelna), designed in 1898 by architects Josef Rixy and Viktor Beneš. They were converted by Qarta studio and Claudio Silvestrin into offices. And lastly, the former large four-aisled hall (architects Emil Králíček - Matěj Blecha, 1904-1905) was reconstructed by the famous Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, and now it houses the publishing company Economia. In the new administrative building in its neighbourhood (Ricardo Bofill), there is a multi-purpose hall Forum Karlín. The original buildings, including the factory chimney, were saved mainly thanks to the contribution of the Belgian developer Serge Borenstein and Mr Charles Butler from England.

Reconversion of Karlín factories (Cornloft, Machinehouse, Kotelna, Forum Karlín)
architects of original buildings: Josef Rixy, Viktor Beneš, Matěj Blecha
authors of reconstructions: Baumschlager und Eberle, Qarta, Claudio Silvestrin, Ricardo Bofill
Prague 8–Karlín, Šaldova and Pernerova Streets

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