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Úvod Development and buildings Hotels, Shopping malls and Entertainment centers Changi Airport Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Singapore by WOHA

Changi Airport Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Singapore by WOHA

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3 m 15 s / 10. 1. 2018 / Author: PLANE—SITE
Changi Airport Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Singapore by WOHA

The architectural objective for the new Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel extension is to craft a geometrical volume that complements the strong abstracted floral facade of the existing hotel, yet possessing a distinctive identity through its multi-layered, translucent skin.

The design brief calls for a building extension that consists solely of guestrooms and hotel back of house facilities. In the adoption of the PPVC method, priorities were given to achieve high repetition, efficient layout and modular system within a structural grid.

As the building is prominently located at the airport, the building facade was carefully conceived in consideration of design aesthetics and performance, and in response to the stringent operational requirements specific to the airport site.

With a relatively small triangulated plot bound by roads, the structural framework receiving the PPVC modules has to mitigate the limited footprint below the guestroom block, yet allowing for some usable space as well as create architectural interest befitting the airport context.

The interiors have been designed to be multifunctional with thoughtful touches incorporated specially for business guests. With the ingenious use of colours and mirrors, the rooms are cosy and well-lit with a sense of serenity promoting a restful stay. The material palette ties in with the hotel’s urban resort theme, encapsulating the Singaporean identity - tropical, asian, multi-cultural and welcoming yet cosmopolitan, efficient, and stylish.

Project Dates:
Design Inception: January 2013
Start of Construction: August 2014
Completion: June 2016

Video courtesy of PLANE—SITE.

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