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Úvod Revitalization and reconstruction Historical buildings 'Jean Georges' restaurant in Shanghai, China by Neri&Hu

'Jean Georges' restaurant in Shanghai, China by Neri&Hu

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2 m 53 s / 11. 10. 2017 / Author: Neri&Hu
'Jean Georges' restaurant in Shanghai, China by Neri&Hu

The gorgeous space is designed by Neri & Hu, whose partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu were the key members of the renovation project of Three on the Bund and interior design of Jean-Georges Shanghai under the tutelage of renowned architect Michael Graves over 10 years ago. It was imperative for Neri & Hu to pay homage to the past, while looking into the future. Such spirit has become the design inspiration of the new Jean-Georges.

The old world opulence and gentleman’s club masculinity of the original design are exchanged for a light, airy, and delicate space that reaches even further back into history in search of the palimpsest of the original 1916 Beaux Arts building. As such the design begins with careful restoration, wherein the original plaster moldings and cornices are respectfully renewed, and even repeated further to complete missing areas. The reception foyer’s Classical arched columns, revealed during early demolition stages, were previously concealed beneath layers of added finishes and are now left exposed for guests to admire their elegant patina . Antique mirrors with text etchings from various French philosophers are featured alongside the Bund view heritage windows to constantly remind guests of the building’s rich history.

With a base layer of original details in wood and plasterworks restored and complete, the next design approach is the surgical insertion of new elements to breathe new life into the space. A series of modern brass volumes are strategically situated within the 850 sqm space, and act as staging grounds for the present visitors to witness and celebrate the heritage building’s restored splendor. The brass objects serve functionally to define private or semi-private spaces—Lounge Bar, Show Kitchen, and Private Dining Rooms—within their semi-transparent enclosures. Both mirror and gradient glass are utilized throughout the restaurant to frame and to reflect the unparalleled views of the Shanghai Bund and Pudong skyline, effectively drawing both the history and the future of the city into the restaurant.

With people’s growing consciousness toward health and air quality, Jean-Georges is equipped with world-class air purifying system – Atmos Air. Its Bi-Polarlonization technology restores indoor environments to the same clean, pure air quality typically only found at higher mountain elevations. Such initiative further demonstrates the restaurant’s dedication to offering its guest the ultimate dining experience.

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